What We Stand For

Our Mission

Good Stuff Thrift’s mission is to operate the most efficient Thrift Stores possible so that we can provide the highest level of funding for helping kids in need in our communities.

Our Vision

That a lack of resources would no longer be an obstacle to giving a kid a “forever family” in our community.

Our Motivation

To obey the biblical mandate to help the widow, ORPHANS, aliens and the poor. (James 1:22)

Our Stores Help the Community by:

  1. Providing low cost quality merchandise (clothes, shoes, coats, furniture, books, household items, electronics, tools, sports equipment, baby items, toys, and much more).
  2. Providing employment for the local community.
  3. Providing a resource for reusing and repurposing donations and recycling to help keep our community green.
  4. Providing opportunities for teens and adults who have mandatory or volunteer community service hours to fill.

Highlights from 2017

Thank you for another great year supporting Good Stuff Thrift! We continue to be in awe of the generosity of our community through the quality donations we receive, our faithful volunteers and amazing customers. The thoughtfulness with which you live, serve and even how you purchase has had a lasting impact on children in our community. We could never thank you enough.

Here is our 2017 Year in Review:

  • Donated $200,000 to our four charities, Bethany Christian Services, Christ Home for Children, Hunting Park Christian Academy and ChoiceOne.
  • Contributed $15,000 in in-kind furniture donations and delivery services for 67 Deserving Décor families moving from homelessness to a new rental home.  These deliveries supported 73 adults and 87 children in Bucks County.
  • Your donations in our donation jars provided $2,000 to our charities.
  • Provided $5,000 in clothing, household essentials and other in-kind support to 115 people coming into our store from other charities or on their own.  This support helped at least 44 children in need.
  • Contributed over 600,000 books to local charities.
  • Sent text books to the incarerated.
  • Provided important job experience, through volunteer support, to special needs students in Bucks County and to Valley Day students in transition from school to work.
  • Best of all . . . . our volunteers . . . we love them!  Approximately 17,000 hours of volunteer service were given at our different locations.  We have a host of generous volunteers from our communities who come faithfully and work so hard to help us help kids.


Help make the future brighter for kids in our community!